Cotemar Mexico: Selling More Than Just Their Services

Started in 1979 Cotemar continues to show the world that, just like wine, they better with age. The company, now the largest and leading oil industry service company in the world, Cotemar has been a source of pride to Mexico, its citizens and mainly their clients who run across the globe. The company has a vast variety of services offered to their clients. The company has a pool of professionals who make sure that offshore fields are maintained reconstructed and maintained for their clients. The company ensures that the fields are always in good condition and are operable.



Moreover, the company offers transportation to their clients. They provide specialized vessels to their clients for luxurious travels and also for carrying equipment and other material authorized. In addition, the company offers luxurious and exquisite accommodations to their clients. The company has a specialized catering department that takes sure that the guests are well fed and have a good time in the hotels. The hotels have recreational facilities that have been well received by the clients that enables them to wind off after long tiring journey.



Cotemor Mexico has been rated as one of the best employers in the country. Employees working at the company have praised the management of the company for being accommodate as part of the company. The company offers accommodation for their employees and also grants them the opportunity to enjoy the facilities as a form of motivation. Those interviewed have agreed that the bonuses, reimbursements and the terms of employment at Cotemar are friendly.



Cotemar has been a huge success in the highly competitive industry because of their values and the beliefs that the company has created. At Cotemar, ethics are communicated at all times. Employees receive training on how to interact with one another and their clients. The relationships fostered between the clients and the company have been lasting which makes them loyal and attract more customers as well. High level of professionalism are encouraged and maintained on all levels.



Cotemar Mexico knows the criticism that comes with oil and drilling industry. For that reason, the Company communicates and encourages environmental friendly programs and plans to reduce the effects on the environment. Moreover the company maintains a high corporate social responsibility and ensures that they give back to the community. The company organizes fairs and conferences and invites both experts and students in the field to exchange ideas and knowledge in the industry.

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