US Money Reserve

Founded in 2001, The U.S. Money reserve is now one of the largest distributors of precious metal as legal tender. Hundreds of thousands of customers have come to rely on the Reserve to diversify their assets with gold and silver. With their vast knowledge of their product they have become industry leaders, not only in precious metals but also for their customer service.

The US Money Reserve has grown so much in the last few years that they decided a reboot of their website was necessary. They have added improvements to match that of their upstanding reputation to reflect that of their leadership in the industry.

They updated their photography of the site to show the impressiveness of their leader and President, Philip Diehl. The impressiveness reflects the quality of their coins. The site will educate the consumer on the benefits of owning the government issued bullion and enhance and simplify the purchasing of precious metals as well.

The website is now fully interactive and will show all of their products over all platforms. It allows for the interaction between the client and themselves to allow for a smoother transaction.

This was overseen by the company’s creative director and brand vice president Ryan Buchanan, who added applications and features that would allow the consumer to learn about the product that they are purchasing. Learn more about U.S. Money Reserve:

The website now allows the consumer to see live and competitive pricing on the gold and silver that they are purchasing. They offer PCGS certified coins as well as other products for their dedicated purchasers.

The US Money Reserve site has a vast Knowledge Base for the consumer to learn as they purchase. They can get up to the minute pricing and information on coin minting, grading, and purchasing. The Full Headline Gold News Room provides all up to the minute updates on the precious metal industry.

Client-Connect Advantage is available to provide a connection between the Reserve and their consumer to proved a one on one interaction. It will provide any special offline releases and purchase assistance to the consumer as well as secure offline transactions.

According to Biz Journals, the US Money Reserve has one of the best BuyBack program in the industry. Their policy offers a full refund on certified orders with the most up to date market values of the purchase within 30 days of purchase. The shipping is ultra quick with with their fast, insured shipping methods.

UKV PLC – Offering Excellent Collection Of Wines Through Its Online Portal

UKV PLC is the UK’s preferred wine company that is famous among the wine lovers for offering some of the finest wines in the country. The company has customers not only in the UK but across the Europe.

UKV PLC offers some of the rarest and collectible wines as well as the accessories that come in handy for the wine lovers. The company has a huge presence online and is active on social media to ensure that the customers are always updated with what UKV PLC is up to.

UKV PLC is one of the most famous wine companies in the country offering a broad range of investment grade wines. It specializes in acquiring some of the best wines from the highly famed vineyards. Whether the client is looking to buy wine for their personal use or is seeking to extend their wine collection, UKV PLC has something to offer irrespective. The prices of the wine are kept reasonable, and it offers fast shipping and delivery due to its extensive inventory. It has a massive stockpile of stock in its advanced wine cellar facility, where it stores a variety of wines. It makes it easier for UKV PLC to deliver fresh and matured wine to its customers without delay.

The buyers looking to buy wine can look through the UKV PLC’s online portal and select the wines they want to buy with ease. The company is also associated with Rainbow Trust as a part of its corporate social responsibility measure. There are many different wines the company sources from across the globe to bring the best to its clientele across the world. UKV PLC ensures that the customers always find what they are looking for at the site, and also has a dedicated customer service. The customers can talk with the representatives of the company to resolve any issues or know more about the various wines to find what they seek.

Thor Halvorssen Continues to Expand the Work of the Human Rights Foundation

The Human Rights Foundation could be described as the baby of respected activist and news commentator Thor Halvorssen after he established the activism group in 2005 in a bid to make sure the needs of those living under the rule of tyrants were being addressed. Thor Halvorssen has been involved in campaigns with some of the world’s largest and best known human rights activism groups, including Amnesty International and the Foundation for Human Rights in education, but often feels too much emphasis is now placed on fighting small human rights abuses seen in countries with a long tradition of democracy and read full article.

The Human Rights Foundation was founded with a mission to tackle the problems of some of those living and working under the harshest human rights restrictions, which has seen the group look to curate major events addressing these issues. Among the major events orchestrated by Thor Halvorssen for the Human Rights Foundation was the creation of the organization’s International Council in 2006, which saw the Czech writer and political dissident Vaclav Havel to the position of chairperson that he held until his 2011 death; the strong position and events focused on the human rights abuses in Russia have resulted in the appointment of Russian political activist Gary Kasparov as the latest Chair of the HRF International Council. Both Halvorssen and Kasparov have appeared on a range of news networks pushing forward the work of the Human Rights Foundation to audiences from across the political spectrum and learn more about Thor.

The centerpiece of the human rights community calendar is now the HRF curated Oslo Freedom Forum that is dedicated to bringing together the most important people in the human rights activism community with potential sponsors and supporters from technology backgrounds and the entertainment industry. Held in the same Norwegian hotel as the Nobel Peace Prize, this important annual event also looks to bring new people to the human rights community by using live streaming of speeches and discussions to the Internet to allow as many people as possible to build awareness of an issue not often reported in the mainstream news.

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