Richard Blair Uses His Knowledge to Build Solid Retirement Portfolios

Wealth Solutions is an investment firm run by Richard Blair, that works with affluent individuals, and small business owners, who are searching for ways to invest their hard-earned money, securely and profitably. He helps his clients build an investment portfolio that meets their financial goals while staying within their risk tolerance level. Learn more:


Investors are given access to traditional investments as well as alternative investments they may not otherwise have access to. Richards objective is to help clients earned good returns on their money while preserving it at the same time. Learn more:


Blair gives his clients advice they can depend on. He explains the pros and cons so that they understand completely what they are investing in. He focuses on their specific goals and finds the best way to achieve them.


Richard understands how hard people have worked to accumulate their wealth, so he works to preserve it so they have solid retirement funds and can leave a legacy to their loved ones. He uses his vast knowledge of the markets as well as diversification to help them stay safe.


Richard’s overall objective is to educate his clients on the many options that are available to them to reach their financial goals. He can then help them structure a plan to achieve those goals. His draw to education comes from his mother, grandmother and his wife, who were all three teachers. Having a natural pull towards finance, Richard decided early on to focus his career on financial planning and the investment arena. Learn more:


He went into the financial industry immediately out of college and in 1994, started Wealth Solutions, to serve his clients with. He continues to learn more and more about new options that are available within the marketplace. He helps steer his clients away from the pitfalls of the market, but towards the more promising and profitably avenues. His goal is to make sure all his clients have a peaceful and enjoyable retirement.


He explains the investment opportunities that are available to his clients and the risks associated with each one. He wants them to not only achieve their financial goals, but to be able to sleep well at night and feel confident in the choices they have made.