Mike Baur, the successful inventor



Mike Baur aged 42 was born in Switzerland. Despite his tender age he has globally cemented his place as an entrepreneur to watch in the 21st century. He came into entrepreneur limelight for the role he played in the starting of Swiss start-up company. It’s believed that having been brought up by a business family prepared him well to his career path. Some people think that the exposure to different business type may have helped equip him with unique skills that he used to start and run the company. Besides the skills, he acquired at Rochester University prepared him well to be able to plan and execute various organizational objectives. He got essential skills that ensured he was able to cope with the management and control of the organization. His commitment and handwork have seen record a tremendous growth in the group. It has enabled him to rise to the position of deputy manager Swiss bank and also a board member.


His various leadership roles enabled him to start the entrepreneur career. The 15-year experience he gained at workplace prepared him well for the many challenges that new organizations face. Also, he got specialized skills in the team management that enabled him to partner with like-minded people.He teamed Max Meister and Olivier Walzer to start Swiss startup organization. The startup company aimed to act as a resource center where they would help in the development of the digital entrepreneur. They believe the young generation being the most significant number was best to use in the event of the companies. Swiss startup capital would serve to provide the young entrepreneurs with skills that would be used in the modeling young entrepreneurs. They would achieve this through nurturing and funding digital entrepreneurs. They believed the young entrepreneurs had the necessary mindset to invent and run the organization. With little follow-up, Mike thinks that the young people can discover and compete with global entrepreneurs. For this reason, Mike’s group was invented to provide the capital and advice for the new entrepreneurs. Mike believes that education is the only thing that would make them achieve success and advancement of their career. There are notable features that have made Mike successful. They include


  1. A) Has the right skills from the various organization he has worked for and learning institution


B)Mike also has a great passion for the community improvement .it has resulted in him rendering hands to the less advantaged in the community.


  1. C) He also possesses work skills that help him relate well to the management.

Based on his age and achievements, Mike is determined to become the next big thing in the entrepreneurial market.