The Ambassador Reign of Daniel Taub

Their many professionals that are considered noble. This is because of the magnitude that they carry. Ambassadorship is one of these careers. This is because they are numerous sacrifices that you have to make as an ambassador. You have to live in different countries. This comes with a lot of changes. You have to adjust to the culture, weather, and policies of a country. It also means enrolling your children in new academic systems. This is sacrifices only a loyal citizen can undertake.

Daniel Taub has been able to complete this mission successfully. He has been Israel’s ambassador to Britain for four years. This rein has been marked by nothing but success.

It is important to note that an ambassador is like a bridge between the two countries. For this mission to be a success, the ambassador should have an excellent grasp of the policies and culture of every individual in the country. This is because you get to represent each member of the country. It is through this understanding that they can intermarry the two states.

Daniel Taub was born in Britain. This is why the Queen asked him how he would feel like the representative of a country he had hardly lived in 30 years. The Queen understood he had to let go his citizenship for Britain.

Daniel Taub saw this in a different perspective. To him, this was an opportunity he couldn’t let go. Daniel Taub saw this as a chance to raise his children in their historic world. He also saw this as a hi time to gift the two states. This was by uniting them and building a strong diplomatic relationship between them.

Four years down the line, the relationship between Israel and Britain has tremendously improved. The intermarriage between the two is visible everywhere. There is an exchange of culture, education, and lifestyle.

Daniel Taub says that to Israel, Britain is much more than a historic country. Britain is the most prominent state globally. This is why he feels privileged to have participated in the talks that help resolves the issues of the countries.

Taub says that his duty as an ambassador was very fulfilling. He says because of the cooperation of the individuals involved, it was more of fruit discussions and not an entanglement of war as many saw it.

On his farewell, Taub is happy to have achieved his objective. Everyone is sad to see Daniel Taub leave. He has been the best ambassador that ever lived.


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