Wondering How Fabletics Became So Successful?

Have you ever wondered what successful and savvy brands do in today’s world to attract new customers? The answer is that they put a large emphasis on online reviews. Fabletics is a case in point. There is no doubt that their thousands of online reviews on various sites all across the internet have led them to internet fame. This internet fame has seemingly done them well, as they are succeeding on an unprecedented scale.


Online reviews can boost your revenue. Studies done by Yelp about businesses that are listed on their website have shown that by increasing your general star rating, you can increase your performance by at least a few points.


What does this mean for your business? Every business will be different. However, there is no doubt that having a higher general star rating on Yelp and other businesses will help you generate more revenue. It is a simple fact of life.


If you sell products on third party sites, including sites such as Amazon, you have a lot to gain by getting positive reviews on those sites as well. Reviews are an important part of ecommerce. In fact, they are even more important when it comes to ecommerce than when it comes to regular commerce. The reason for this is that when you are buying something online, you are more likely to search for reviews online.


Fabletics knows this, which is why they have put such an emphasis on online reviews. Their marketing director even attributes their tremendous success to online reviews. He says that without them, they would not see the growth and profits that they now see.


There is a further secret embedded in Fabletics’ success with online reviews. This is the fact that online reviews will drive repeat customers to your business. The fact is that what other people say and think will influence your customers and their thinking. They will be of a different mindset if everyone is writing glowing reviews of you online. They will be more likely to look at the good parts of your products and services. They will be less likely to think that there is any reason to be disappointed with your products and your business. They will start looking up to your brand, and you will not have to worry anymore as much as you used to as to what your customers are thinking about you.


Repeat customers drive the large bulk of Fabletics’ revenue and profits. If you have a business that relies on repeat customers, you would be wise to get online reviews.


You should take a look at Kate Hudson if you want to know more about Fabletics’ success. The fact is that without her, they would not be where they are now. She is the one who has been supporting them and helping them improve ever since the beginning. There is no doubt that she has done a lot to improve their customer service and their marketing strategy. They also have a great quiz.