Samuel Strauch Leverages Strong Demand To Drive The Luxury Property Market In Miami

Miami is one of the hottest property markets in the US. It attracts hordes of both local and foreign real estate investors. The mature infrastructure makes it ideal for international business, rest and recreation facilities. Property prices are on the rise, and there is no shortage of investors. It presents an excellent option for foreign investors looking to diversify their investment portfolios.

As an illustration, it is the preferred investment destination for Mexicans seeking to secure their wealth from the economic and political instability being experienced in their country. Foreigners take up more than a third of new investments in the real estate market in Miami. The only close competitor in the property market seems to be Panama. It offers the same environment as Miami with a more relaxed and holiday sense to it.

Real estate experts such as Samuel Strauch are vouching for a vibrant housing market in the area primarily driven by the increased demand for holiday homes. The region has a low cost of living and is a popular tourist destination for visitors from neighboring countries such as Mexico and Venezuela. Similarly, it is a favorite hotspot for European and Canadian tourists. Nonetheless, there remains a high demand for single-family homes in the greater Miami area.

Local homebuyers are finding it hard to keep up with soaring prices driven by foreign investors. Samuel Strauch serves as the principal of Metrik Real Estate, a prominent real estate firm he founded that is based in South Beach, Florida. He has a strong reputation for delivering exclusive properties with an expedited transaction process. The company has a sharp focus on capital, development and realtor services.

The value creation firm undertakes the development of housing projects, sales and marketing, real estate brokerage and property management. He is affiliated with Affinity Realty, a Miami-based realtor that is the precursor to Metrik. Samuel Strauch is a Harvard graduate. He is also associated with Erasmus University Rotterdam and New York’s Hofstra University. He briefly dabbled in the banking industry before embarking on real estate development.

He shortly worked at a boutique real estate company in South Florida before taking the entrepreneurship path. He launched Metrik Real Estate in 2002 to capitalize on the evolving opportunity in the resort city. Besides real estate, Samuel Strauch has extensive interests in online businesses and the restaurant sector. During his free time, he likes to indulge himself in art and photography.

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Glen Wakeman Educates People on Donating

Glen Wakeman is well known because of his accomplishment; known as a mentor a successful entrepreneur and an investor. He is considered one of the most successful CEO in the United States. He is currently holding office in a company known as Launchpad Holdings LLC. His exceptional skills have made Launchpad become a successful company.



The company’s objective is the development of M&S, the company creates new strategies and offers guidance to startup companies. The company was recently launched into the market in 2015 though it has proved critics wrong; the company is performing fairly well, and it’s proving to be successful.


Glens Wakeman Educational Background


His solid educational background has played a significant role in Wakeman’s success in the business field. He undertook his MBA in Finance and Economics in one of the best universities in the world (LinkedIn). After his graduation Wakeman decided to put his skills to work; he worked for several companies that include; GE Capital and Dora Financial Corp. years later he quit the field of employment and started his own company namely Nova Four.


He is also known for the bestselling books he has published; he has helped a lot of people to start their career. He became famous for his five proven performance methodologies


Launchpad Holdings LLC


Wakeman became concerned at the number of high failure rates when it came to business startups ( He decided to investigate why the failure rate was so high; his findings were, that most people lacked individual structures concerning their ideas. He realized that people could not differentiate between an idea and a plan. Most people thought that the idea was a plan in itself. With that, it was decided that a simple software would be launched. Software that made planning intuitive and straightforward hence the emergence of Launchpad Holdings LLC.


Other than that Wakeman lived in six different countries and he was in charge of operations in 30 regions worldwide; this has enabled him to receive international recognition throughout his career. His skills as a writer enabled him to share his blogs and books.