Glen Wakeman Educates People on Donating

Glen Wakeman is well known because of his accomplishment; known as a mentor a successful entrepreneur and an investor. He is considered one of the most successful CEO in the United States. He is currently holding office in a company known as Launchpad Holdings LLC. His exceptional skills have made Launchpad become a successful company.



The company’s objective is the development of M&S, the company creates new strategies and offers guidance to startup companies. The company was recently launched into the market in 2015 though it has proved critics wrong; the company is performing fairly well, and it’s proving to be successful.


Glens Wakeman Educational Background


His solid educational background has played a significant role in Wakeman’s success in the business field. He undertook his MBA in Finance and Economics in one of the best universities in the world (LinkedIn). After his graduation Wakeman decided to put his skills to work; he worked for several companies that include; GE Capital and Dora Financial Corp. years later he quit the field of employment and started his own company namely Nova Four.


He is also known for the bestselling books he has published; he has helped a lot of people to start their career. He became famous for his five proven performance methodologies


Launchpad Holdings LLC


Wakeman became concerned at the number of high failure rates when it came to business startups ( He decided to investigate why the failure rate was so high; his findings were, that most people lacked individual structures concerning their ideas. He realized that people could not differentiate between an idea and a plan. Most people thought that the idea was a plan in itself. With that, it was decided that a simple software would be launched. Software that made planning intuitive and straightforward hence the emergence of Launchpad Holdings LLC.


Other than that Wakeman lived in six different countries and he was in charge of operations in 30 regions worldwide; this has enabled him to receive international recognition throughout his career. His skills as a writer enabled him to share his blogs and books.

Jorge Moll: The Dynamic Entrepreneur Making a Difference with Technology & Medicine

Jorge Moll Filho is a Brazilian entrepreneur and cardiologist who resides in Rio de Janeiro. In 1977, he found a health diagnostics imaging lab that evolved into being one of the largest lab operators and hospitals in Brazil. In 2010, Moll sold to the publicly-traded, Fleury SA, the subsidiary labs, Rede D’Or, which owns over 30 hospitals, for over $750 million. Fleury SA is a medical services provider in Brazil. During the same year, Moll also acquired the Sao Luiz, which is a hospital group based in Sao Paulo ( Other business transactions he encountered include the purchasing of stakes in the Brazilian hospital operator by GIC Pte. Ltd., a sovereign-wealth fund in Singapore, and by Carlyle Group, a private equity firm, in 2015. Also, approximately 12% of Rede D’or was sold in December 2015 by the Brazilian bank, BTC Pactual for about $595 million.


In Recent News


A report was made in May 2017 concerning the technology role in the advancement of medicine. Jorge Moll, who is the president of D’or Institute for Research and Teaching, stated that patient treatment and care can be revolutionized with the alliance of innovation to health.


This alliance is an increasingly global trend. As a matter of fact, it’s almost impossible to discuss the advances in medicine without referring to the benefits which technology has been providing to the industry. In the US, particularly the Silicon Valley and surrounding areas in northern California, there is now an overflow of digital technology into healthcare; thus, creating new horizons in the industry. And as a result, several benefits have occurred, including a more humanized and efficient interaction between patients and physicians, a 100% focus on the patient since the physician doesn’t have to divide his/her time by taking notes or consulting files, greater medical evaluation depth and safety, and all information collected at the end of the consultation is remotely structured and reviewed by the specialist that enabled improved patient experience and increased productivity.


With these initiatives and more, the present and future of medicine can greatly assist different health sectors in Brazil. This will include hospital networks, individual developers, entrepreneurs, startups, public and private teaching and research institutions, and venture capitalists in and for Brazil.

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Waiakea Water – User Friendly for Consumers and the Environment

Starting next year Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water will start packaging their product in a bottle that will be 100% recyclable. These bottles will use a nano-additive called TimePlast. The founder and CEO of Waiakea, Ryan Emmons, states that the production of this new bottle involves a different way of using the polymers in the manufacturing process. Up to now, companies have put the emphasis on manufacturing plastic that aimed to be degradable. Despite this, the lifespan of plastic is around 1500 years. The TimePlast additive weakens the chemical bonds in the plastic which allows for it to degrade much faster, to a time period of about 15 years.

In 2012 Waiakea was founded on the basis of being the first Hawaiian Volcanic Water, with the Kea’au aquifer as the source. They are committed to helping provide access to clean water to people all over the world, especially to rural Africa, and they provide the water through their association with Pump Aid. Waiakea has received awards from several organizations that include Good Morning America, Best in Biz Awards, National Restaurant Association, and Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting.

Waiakea Water has been certified as CarbonNeutral, the first drink company to have this distinction. The source water, which is on the big Island of Hawaii filters through the most active volcano in the world, Mauna Loa. Due to the distance of the water from the volcano, there are no sources of pollution that can contaminate it. The filtering and purification that the water undergoes gives it a pure alkaline quality.

Waiakea Water contains the electrolytes calcium, sodium, magnesium, and potassium and has a silica content of 30mg. CEO Emmons has sited studies that suggest that drinking water each day with a content of 10mg of silica could provide a reduction in Alzheimer’s disease of as much as 11 percent. The company maintains an eco-conscious mindset and they subscribe to the Hawaiian tenant “Malama i ka Aina” (care for the land).

The Legacy of Louis Chenevert at UTC

Louis Chenevert is a competent professional who is highly respected in the business world. He holds a bachelor’s degree in production management. In March 2006, he was elected as the president and chief operating officer of the United Technologies Corporation. This is one of the most powerful positions that he held in his great career.

This came after he achieved mega accomplishments after working with General Motors as a production general manager. He also served as the president of Pratt and Whitney in 1999.During 2011 -2012, Louis served as the vice- chairman of the executive committee of The Business Council. During his tenure as the CEO of UTC,he earned numerous accolades and accomplishments.

In the year 2009, he was awarded the Honor Award from the National Building Museum. Later, in May 2011, he received an honorary doctorate from the HEC Montreal. During the same year, Aviation Week and Space Technology, a U.S aviation trade magazine named Louis as its person of the year.

This kind of achievements are very impressive given that many executives do not claim them in their entire career. Chenevert aimed at using his knowledge and experience to make huge improvements and advances in the company.He wanted to promote the advancement of technology and the growth of the individuals as a whole.

He emphasized that investments in the right technology and in the right people would make the company sore to greater heights and to the right direction. He picked out projects with the highest potential of promoting the company’s vision and inspiring its people to work towards making the projects a success. This is an admirable quality of his leadership styles.

It was during his time when the UTC won the lobby of supplying the US government with the F-35 engine. This was in addition to acquisition of the Goodrich thanks to Chenevert‘s skills and competence as the CEO. To date, UTCs skortsky unit has earned milestone credits such as being the largest manufacturer of US helicopters, assembling most advanced jet engines in the world not to mention the Geared Turbofan (GTF) engine.

All this has been associated to the focused visionary leadership of one Mr. Chenevert.

Chenevert championed for the major improvements that led to the growth of the market share of the company despite the many treacherous economic landscapes throughout his times. He departed from UTC on December 8th, 2014 after his resignation as the CEO and chairman of the company. It still continues to dominate the market thanks to his prior foundations.

Mike Baur, the successful inventor



Mike Baur aged 42 was born in Switzerland. Despite his tender age he has globally cemented his place as an entrepreneur to watch in the 21st century. He came into entrepreneur limelight for the role he played in the starting of Swiss start-up company. It’s believed that having been brought up by a business family prepared him well to his career path. Some people think that the exposure to different business type may have helped equip him with unique skills that he used to start and run the company. Besides the skills, he acquired at Rochester University prepared him well to be able to plan and execute various organizational objectives. He got essential skills that ensured he was able to cope with the management and control of the organization. His commitment and handwork have seen record a tremendous growth in the group. It has enabled him to rise to the position of deputy manager Swiss bank and also a board member.


His various leadership roles enabled him to start the entrepreneur career. The 15-year experience he gained at workplace prepared him well for the many challenges that new organizations face. Also, he got specialized skills in the team management that enabled him to partner with like-minded people.He teamed Max Meister and Olivier Walzer to start Swiss startup organization. The startup company aimed to act as a resource center where they would help in the development of the digital entrepreneur. They believe the young generation being the most significant number was best to use in the event of the companies. Swiss startup capital would serve to provide the young entrepreneurs with skills that would be used in the modeling young entrepreneurs. They would achieve this through nurturing and funding digital entrepreneurs. They believed the young entrepreneurs had the necessary mindset to invent and run the organization. With little follow-up, Mike thinks that the young people can discover and compete with global entrepreneurs. For this reason, Mike’s group was invented to provide the capital and advice for the new entrepreneurs. Mike believes that education is the only thing that would make them achieve success and advancement of their career. There are notable features that have made Mike successful. They include


  1. A) Has the right skills from the various organization he has worked for and learning institution


B)Mike also has a great passion for the community improvement .it has resulted in him rendering hands to the less advantaged in the community.


  1. C) He also possesses work skills that help him relate well to the management.

Based on his age and achievements, Mike is determined to become the next big thing in the entrepreneurial market.


DAMAC’s Impressive Track Records – A Pointer To Hussain Sajwani’s Amazing Entrepreneurial Ingenuity

When Hussain Sajwani started DAMAC, not many people thought he would survive in the industry let alone recording extraordinary growth. The DAMAC owner however did. He could still remember vividly how he started his catering venture with nothing and became a major player in that industry few years into operation. With that reminder, he gave his best to his new company in a new industry. He had to put to use his profound knowledge in property marketing and development. It paid off in no time. He is not just making millions in profits as it was with the catering firm; the billions are coming in this time around.


DAMAC Properties is made up of many parts. The company operates hundreds of luxury international-standard hotels across the Middle East including Dubai, the home town of the Hussain Sajwani. His hotels have since remained the toast of many tourists and visitors to the region. In fact, these clients often called the company for bookings days and weeks before they make their trip to the region. It is really one of the many flourishing aspects of the company.


The construction and property development aspect of DAMAC is perhaps the biggest source of revenue to the company. It is a known fact in the entire Middle East today that DAMAC is one of the few major players when it comes to property development in the region. The activity of this company is spreading into other lands by the day. In Europe and the United States, properties developed by the company abound. The number one citizen of the US at one time had his golf courses developed by DAMAC in ways that surpassed his expectation. It is thus no surprise that the US President, Donald Trump, is currently a close ally to Hussain Sajwani.


The Hussain Sajwani family has made stupendous wealth through DAMAC and their numerous other companies. They have not kept all the wealth to themselves. The family runs a number of charity foundations as a way of coming to the aid of the deprived and also giving back to the society.


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Eric Lefkofsky’s Initiatives Towards Fighting Cancer

Eric Pula Lefkofsky is an American entrepreneur born on 2nd September 1969. He is popularly known for being the founder and CEO of Tempus. Additionally, Eric serves as the co-founder and chairman of Groupon, and co-founder of Echo Global Logistics. Eric also founded LightBank a Chicago-based venture capital firm.

Eric Lefkofsky attended high school in Southfield-Lathrup High School and graduated in 1987. He later attended University of Michigan and later did his Juris Doctor degree from the University of Michigan, Law School. It is after school that that Eric ventured into entrepreneurship and learn more about Eric.

Fundamentals Concerning Tempus

Tempus is a tech firm that was established with the aim of battling cancer. Tempus has built the world’s largest library of molecular and therapeutic data. Into the bargain, Tempus system makes the data accessible and helpful to any user. Tempus’ role is to collect and analyze large volumes of genomic data using proprietary algorithms and geometric examination apparatus. The analysis helps uncover opportunities and assist healthcare givers to provide precise and personalized medicine. The aim of the research center is to improve the care and the treatment provided to patients. The research facility works with patients suffering from pancreatic cancer, breast cancer, lung cancer, and it is expected to add more types of cancer in the future and Eric’s lacrosse camp.

Eric Lefkofsky’s Philanthropic Actions

Eric Lefkofsky is very dedicated to seeing the organization deliver. To that effect, he has donated millions of dollars towards Tempus since its inception. His donations to Tempus are acts of philanthropy that have caught the attention of the world. Besides bankrolling Tempus, Eric runs a charitable foundation together with his wife, Liz, known as The Lefkofsky Family Foundation. It was established in 2006.


The Lefkofsky Family Foundation was established with the aim of advancing high-impact programs, and initiatives that better the quality of human life. The foundation has been able to push for equal access to education, improvement of elemental human rights, expansion of cultural initiatives, and advancement of innovative medical research. Lefkofsky has also donated $500,000 to support a cancer research center in at Stanford University. Therefore, Eric Lefkofsky has had a great impact on the medical research, especially in cancer-related initiatives and more information click here.

The Details to Anthony Petrello’s Professional Success

Who is the real Anthony Petrello? The short answer is that he sits as Chairman of the Board and CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of Nabors Drilling. But, just how he comes to be in this position takes just a bit more time to answer. The origin to this tale, as far as Nabors goes, is in 1991. That is the year of Petrello’s election to the board of Directors and the Chief Executive Committee of the Board. His service on those boards last for a steady 20 years. There is some professional action worth mentioning that fits in this timeline such as his service in the position of Deputy Chairman starting in 2003. But, the apex to his rise to the top is the seats he currently fills.

In Anthony Petrello’s case, there is other professional experience on his resume prior to working with Nabors Drilling. For 12 years, from 1979 to 1991, he works for a law firm by the name of Baker & McKenzie. His association with the firm focuses on handling their international arbitration, taxation and international law needs. Just as with Nabors, he performs in more than one function for the firm, and his responsibilities overlap. In this case, his service with Baker & McKenzie includes being the managing Partner for the New York Office, from 1986 to 1991 and resume him.

Of course, before all this professional service and practice begins, there has to be a proper and extensive building of a brain and training of the mind. For this task, Anthony Petrello chooses to get his BS (Bachelors of Science) and MS (Master of Science) in mathematics from Yale University. From there, he sets his sights on Harvard Law School for his JD (Juris Doctor). Those are just some of the details to his professional success and more information click here.

However, there is personal and deeply caring side to him that is dedicated to helping children in need where their health is concerned. For this reason, he is a member of the Board of Trustees of Texas Children’s Hospital. Using this position of affluence and attention, Anthony Petrello advocates for children with special neurological needs. At the center of all this prestige and power, there is a happily married husband and loving father. So, in many ways, he just the average American working-class family man and follow his twitter.

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