The Ambassador Reign of Daniel Taub

Their many professionals that are considered noble. This is because of the magnitude that they carry. Ambassadorship is one of these careers. This is because they are numerous sacrifices that you have to make as an ambassador. You have to live in different countries. This comes with a lot of changes. You have to adjust to the culture, weather, and policies of a country. It also means enrolling your children in new academic systems. This is sacrifices only a loyal citizen can undertake.

Daniel Taub has been able to complete this mission successfully. He has been Israel’s ambassador to Britain for four years. This rein has been marked by nothing but success.

It is important to note that an ambassador is like a bridge between the two countries. For this mission to be a success, the ambassador should have an excellent grasp of the policies and culture of every individual in the country. This is because you get to represent each member of the country. It is through this understanding that they can intermarry the two states.

Daniel Taub was born in Britain. This is why the Queen asked him how he would feel like the representative of a country he had hardly lived in 30 years. The Queen understood he had to let go his citizenship for Britain.

Daniel Taub saw this in a different perspective. To him, this was an opportunity he couldn’t let go. Daniel Taub saw this as a chance to raise his children in their historic world. He also saw this as a hi time to gift the two states. This was by uniting them and building a strong diplomatic relationship between them.

Four years down the line, the relationship between Israel and Britain has tremendously improved. The intermarriage between the two is visible everywhere. There is an exchange of culture, education, and lifestyle.

Daniel Taub says that to Israel, Britain is much more than a historic country. Britain is the most prominent state globally. This is why he feels privileged to have participated in the talks that help resolves the issues of the countries.

Taub says that his duty as an ambassador was very fulfilling. He says because of the cooperation of the individuals involved, it was more of fruit discussions and not an entanglement of war as many saw it.

On his farewell, Taub is happy to have achieved his objective. Everyone is sad to see Daniel Taub leave. He has been the best ambassador that ever lived.


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Glen Wakeman Educates People on Donating

Glen Wakeman is well known because of his accomplishment; known as a mentor a successful entrepreneur and an investor. He is considered one of the most successful CEO in the United States. He is currently holding office in a company known as Launchpad Holdings LLC. His exceptional skills have made Launchpad become a successful company.



The company’s objective is the development of M&S, the company creates new strategies and offers guidance to startup companies. The company was recently launched into the market in 2015 though it has proved critics wrong; the company is performing fairly well, and it’s proving to be successful.


Glens Wakeman Educational Background


His solid educational background has played a significant role in Wakeman’s success in the business field. He undertook his MBA in Finance and Economics in one of the best universities in the world (LinkedIn). After his graduation Wakeman decided to put his skills to work; he worked for several companies that include; GE Capital and Dora Financial Corp. years later he quit the field of employment and started his own company namely Nova Four.


He is also known for the bestselling books he has published; he has helped a lot of people to start their career. He became famous for his five proven performance methodologies


Launchpad Holdings LLC


Wakeman became concerned at the number of high failure rates when it came to business startups ( He decided to investigate why the failure rate was so high; his findings were, that most people lacked individual structures concerning their ideas. He realized that people could not differentiate between an idea and a plan. Most people thought that the idea was a plan in itself. With that, it was decided that a simple software would be launched. Software that made planning intuitive and straightforward hence the emergence of Launchpad Holdings LLC.


Other than that Wakeman lived in six different countries and he was in charge of operations in 30 regions worldwide; this has enabled him to receive international recognition throughout his career. His skills as a writer enabled him to share his blogs and books.

The Legacy of Louis Chenevert at UTC

Louis Chenevert is a competent professional who is highly respected in the business world. He holds a bachelor’s degree in production management. In March 2006, he was elected as the president and chief operating officer of the United Technologies Corporation. This is one of the most powerful positions that he held in his great career.

This came after he achieved mega accomplishments after working with General Motors as a production general manager. He also served as the president of Pratt and Whitney in 1999.During 2011 -2012, Louis served as the vice- chairman of the executive committee of The Business Council. During his tenure as the CEO of UTC,he earned numerous accolades and accomplishments.

In the year 2009, he was awarded the Honor Award from the National Building Museum. Later, in May 2011, he received an honorary doctorate from the HEC Montreal. During the same year, Aviation Week and Space Technology, a U.S aviation trade magazine named Louis as its person of the year.

This kind of achievements are very impressive given that many executives do not claim them in their entire career. Chenevert aimed at using his knowledge and experience to make huge improvements and advances in the company.He wanted to promote the advancement of technology and the growth of the individuals as a whole.

He emphasized that investments in the right technology and in the right people would make the company sore to greater heights and to the right direction. He picked out projects with the highest potential of promoting the company’s vision and inspiring its people to work towards making the projects a success. This is an admirable quality of his leadership styles.

It was during his time when the UTC won the lobby of supplying the US government with the F-35 engine. This was in addition to acquisition of the Goodrich thanks to Chenevert‘s skills and competence as the CEO. To date, UTCs skortsky unit has earned milestone credits such as being the largest manufacturer of US helicopters, assembling most advanced jet engines in the world not to mention the Geared Turbofan (GTF) engine.

All this has been associated to the focused visionary leadership of one Mr. Chenevert.

Chenevert championed for the major improvements that led to the growth of the market share of the company despite the many treacherous economic landscapes throughout his times. He departed from UTC on December 8th, 2014 after his resignation as the CEO and chairman of the company. It still continues to dominate the market thanks to his prior foundations.

The Podcast on PodcastOne Founder; Norman Pattiz

Norman Pattiz is the bona fide Chief Executive Chairman and emeritus of PodcastOne. He is an alumnus of the University of California. He held the docket until June 23rd, 2016. He has worked in various capacities previously in his service to the public. Norman served as a consultant for the Westwood One Inc. since August 2010. He was the pioneer founder of Westwood One in 1974 and he occupied that capacity until; February 3rd, 1994. He acted President of Broadcast Education Association and he was a member at the same. He was a board member at the University of California, Chairman of the Governing Board of Los Alamos National Library, Chairman for National Security for Los Alamos, and Chairman for National Security for Lawrence Livermore and the Director of the University of California.


Norman Pattiz is situated at Los Angeles in California. He runs a long array of projects which occupy a better part of his life. Pattiz has a deep passion for broadcasting and hence has founded radio networks such as PodcastOne and Westwood. These are giant radio stations that have wide media coverage in the entire US. He is a strong media enthusiast as he has hosted many great figures that have served the United States in various levels.Pattiz is a rich and accomplished broadcasting entrepreneur who is dedicated wholly to feeding the public with sufficient and efficient information that can foster a transformative and proactive society. Learn more:


Norman Pattiz led the Westwood One into becoming the US’s largest Radio Network which offered News, sports, Traffic programming to the broadcast industry, entertainment, and talk shows. Norman Pattiz launched Courtside Entertainment Group in 2010. This company is based in Los Angeles and it has the ability to produce and fund multi-platform quality programming that benefits the masses. Courtside Entertainment group boats to host numerous high-profile figures. PodcastOne was established by Norman Pattiz and then managed to arrest the attention of the masses too. He was endowed with the golden opportunity to serve for two consecutive terms in the US Broadcasting Board of Governors. He was later accorded the award of the Giant of Broadcasting by the American Broadcasting Library.


Norman Pattiz hosted the American war veteran called Norman Lear who inculcated some sense of massive experience in the various occupations he held in life. The tissues of issues handled pertained various aspects of life.