Tact and Diplomacy with Daniel Taub

Daniel Taub has built his career as a diplomat. The culmination of his work was his appointment, in 2011, to the position of Israeli Ambassador to the United Kingdom. Born in the UK, Taub’s journey is one that we can all learn a great deal from.


Daniel Taub was born in the United Kingdom, and lived there throughout his youth. He studied at Oxford and University College, London. Taub moved to Israel when he was in his twenties. Once there, he joined the IDF as a combat medic. His rise through the ranks was rapid. Eventually he became speechwriter for President Chaim Herzog.


Taub is well-known for his work ethic, intelligence and drive. Once he was in the Foreign Service it became his mission to improve Israel’s relations with the rest of the world. Since he was born and educated there, he was an obvious pick for the post of Ambassador to the UK.


Once he was back in London, he made it a point to find time to meet with people. Daniel Taub knew that the best way to create new trade partnerships and find ways to work together was face to face. He had no problem meeting with Israel’s critics.


Taub knew that by meeting them and having discussions, he could demystify Israeli culture and policy for them. Taub was even willing to go off the record. Some of his critics were nervous about people knowing they’d met with an Israeli diplomat. In the end, he was able to forge unlikely friendships and learn a great deal.


Daniel Taub demonstrated a real ability to build bridges in his role as Ambassador. He was also proud to introduce his children to many aspects of English culture. Brands from his childhood, like Cadbury’s, and outings to West End shows became favorites for his whole family.


Taub believes he was successful in helping to facilitate an enduring and special relationship between the UK and Israel. As a proud Jew, he is happy to be able to raise a family in his ancestral homeland. But he also knows that Britain, its institutions and commitment to human rights, were key in fostering his opportunities as a young person. At the end of four years, he was able to look back with pride on the job he’d done. Learn more: https://www.thejc.com/