Stream Energy : Tips To Lower Energy Bills

Wondering how your energy bill can be so high? Have you heard of phantom load?

The Phantom load can be described as leaking energy. This effect is when electrical power is being used by the household appliance and other electronic devices even when they’re technically in the off-mode. The off-mode can be simply putting the appliance in a standby mode.


A coffee pot is a perfect example (RenewableEnergyWorld). For all purposes, most of us believe the coffee pot is off after our morning cup, but the appliance is still drawing electricity. The only way to make it stop using power is to unplug it from the wall. Other things that sneak in and use up power will be your computer monitor, printer, DVR, and DVD players. Just think, if one household has all of these items going 24/7 it can certainly add up fast.


One technique that Stream Energy, experts in this essential service, recommend helping save money and power is to plug several items into a power cord and shut the strip off. Turning off one cord is easy and will be shutting off many power suckers with the push of one button.


Stream Energy is one power company that is addressing this problem and helps their clients by offering monitoring tools to make it easy to track usage. The Texas offices offer a weekly energy report to their clients, which is convenient and privately emailed out to their consumers.


By making it easy to receive and understand electric usage, Stream Energy believes that will help increase their homeowner’s ability to better manage in-home devices and consumption, which will ultimately lower monthly utility bills.


Co-founders Pierre Koshakji and Rob Synder created Stream Energy in 2004 ( Koshakji is the Executive Vice President in charge of planning the future of Stream as a leader in its industry. Synder continues his role working in the company’s executive management team. Along with fellow associates Stream Energy, plans on continuing its innovative leadership and providing community development in current and future business endeavors.